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"We were awed by several projects featuring the craftsmanship and beauty of fine craft. One of the more monumental projects will be “1000 Hands,” a collectively-crafted tapestry that will stand 50’ tall and invite participants to swing from the bottom. "

-Burning Man Journal

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A collective tapestry

a project by Wevolve Labs & Art Island

created by many in Austin, TX
& destined for the desert


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1000 Hands

Promising to be one of the most monumental works on playa this year, "1000 Hands" is a 50' tall fabric piece depicting a fiery landscape by day and illuminated scene by night. This work intends to spark commentary and reflection on our climate reality and stir up dreams of an auspicious future. 
On playa, the artwork will be shaped by dusty desert winds and human interaction.  Participants can swing from handles at the base of the tapestry, feeling "the world on their shoulders," while witnessing the ripple effect of their actions displayed on a monumental scale.  Only when participants swing in synchronicity will the piece move forward and gain speed and traction. 


Community-Powered Teamwork

As the name “1000 Hands” suggests, this artwork will be co-created by the involvement of over 500 participants whose hands weave a community as we build our art.  Our home base will the Lloyd The Warehouse in North Austin, and we already have community involvement sessions planned with The Contemporary Austin at Laguna Gloria, and Creative Action.  

The project is a collaboration between Maria Gotay and Nic DeBruyne of Art Island and Wevolve Labs, art collectives based in Austin, TX.  Combining their love for interactive art experiences, community, and earth-shaping messaging, they’re building a movement in Austin toward unique art projects and practices.

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Community work days:

June 10
June 21
July 1
July 12
August 6
August 12

August 16

Learn more on eventbrite! 

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Fund Us

Give on our crowdfunding site, GiveButter! Burning Man funds 40-50% of a project's full budget on average, not including payment to the artists.
Your donation helps us create this monumental work, helps our 20-person team travel to exhibit it, and helps pave a legacy for its future exhibiton.


Feed Us

Donate food/drink/products to power our volunteer efforts through many work days and nights! Please email us to arrange for a donation drop off or pick up!

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